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Winc Analytics was built to help businesses convert more of their website visitors to sales leads.

We’ve worked with dozens of businesses over the last 6 years to improve their marketing and sales.

Whether they are IT solution providers, construction companies, or interior design businesses, one common
problem we see is a lack of ability to generate leads from web traffic.

It’s not that their websites weren’t well done, it’s that their websites weren’t “built to convert”.

We Improve Website Visitor Conversions

What is a Website Conversion?

A website conversion is when you get a visitor to take an action you want them to take:

  • Filling out a form;
  • Watching a video;
  • Downloading a PDF.

Would you like to know how well your website is doing at things like these?

  • Engaging visitors right away so they don’t “bounce” and go to your competitor’s site;
  • Funneling visitors to your Products and Services pages? (The “money pages!”);
  • Converting visitors to leads and customers.

Are you worried that you’ll have to spend a lot of money on Marketing Automation software like Hubspot or Marketo to get this kind of insight?

You don’t need to worry and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on MA software.

Google Analytics can give you the data you need to understand what visitors are doing on our website. And it’s free!


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool that gathers information on the visitors to your website, like:

  • Demographics – what city and state are they from and what devices are they using?
  • Acquisition – did they come to your site via organic search or did they click on an ad?
  • Behavior – are they leaving your site quickly or are they visiting multiple pages? Which pages?

What would having this type of information mean to how you market, prospect and sell on your website?

You can use your website data to:

  • Understand what engages and moves your prospects;
  • Make informed decisions on how you spend your marketing dollars;
  • Convert more website visitors to leads!

If you’re interested in learning more about using your website data to make your sales and marketing more profitable, contact us using the form below and let’s have a conversation about your business.

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