Marketing and the Fat Guy at the Gym

Measure your digital marketing if you want to improve it

In my last blog, I noted that, for the multiple-hat-wearing SMB owner who doesn’t have time to add Marketing to his already overwhelming list of responsibilities, “Campaign-in-a-Box” or hiring a standard marketing agency are options.

But for the guy (or gal) who’s seen enough to know that the right marketing tactics can help him reach his revenue goals more quickly, I don’t think either of those is the best approach.

Think about that guy at the gym who’s always resolving to “do something about my weight”, but never really shows any improvement. Maybe you’re that guy. I know I have been.

So our buddy, call him “Fred”, joins a new gym. He had a membership at another gym before but it “didn’t work for him”. So, with new hopes and new gym, Fred starts “pumping iron” 3 days a week. But just like last time, after a 6-month campaign, Fred doesn’t see the results he wants so he stops going to the gym.

Still Fat

So what does Fred still being fat after six months have to do with Marketing?

Fred had a plan: go to the gym 3 times a week and lift weights for an hour. Fred had a measurable objective: lose 30 pounds.

When we go the Campaign-in-a-box route or the standard Marketing Agency route, we get a plan: “1 email and 5 Tweets and 3 LinkedIn posts a week”.

What we don’t get is data-based analysis and optimization:

  • No A/B testing,
  • No data analysis to identify what works and what doesn’t,
  • No course-changing based on results.

Your Data is Your Secret Weapon

Like Fred, we haven’t kept track of the data on what we did in the past – and we certainly haven’t analyzed it to see where we were getting traction and where we needed to change course.

The first step in building a marketing foundation for growth is to start collecting your data.

And instead of going with an agency that doesn’t do use analytics tools and doesn’t understand Conversion Rate Optimization, partner with a marketer who understands how to use data to optimize your marketing.

Just like there is no silver bullet to losing weight, there is no “more qualified leads” silver bullet.

Your best bet is to:

  • Baseline (“where are we today?”),
  • Make a set of targeted efforts with email marketing, SEO, Google ads, etc,
  • A/B test your content to find out what resonates with your market,
  • Analyze the results,
  • Use what works and fix what doesn’t.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Whatever the “Next Big Thing” is in digital marketing, optimizing your marketing with this type of data-driven marketing approach will still be the way to get the gradual, consistent improvement on your conversion rates.

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Winston Clay
Winston is an irredeemable nerd, information consumer, ever analyzing and creating solutions.

He started his career in IT as a Macintosh computer lab manager and ended up as a software engineer before he exited the corporate world to help IT SMBs market better.

Winston and his wife, Ginger, live in Charleston, South Carolina with their awesome youngest son.  Their older children, who are also awesome, are in different states of self-sufficiency.