Optimization Services

Tired of Guessing What “Might” Work In Your Digital Marketing?

Do you feel like your digital marketing is “shot-in-the-dark” guesswork? Are you ready to get on the data-driven marketing path? To start using your sales and marketing data to drive your marketing-spend decisions?

Winc Analytics can help you get your Google Analytics configured properly and begin using the data your systems are collecting on site visitor demographics and behavior to make your marketing more effective at engaging prospects and converting them to leads.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Most websites are designed to look good and provide information. But you want your website to be a sales tool, too. We can help.

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Google Analytics

You can guess what pages might be engaging your visitors or you can use your data to understand what works and do more of it.

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A/B Testing

You’re ready to pay thousands of dollars to redesign your website. But why to you think the new one will perform any better at lead gen?

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